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Vega International Travel Services, Inc. is a premiere, full service travel agency, located in the heart of downtown Chicago for more than 60 years.  We can serve all your travel planning and booking needs—beginning to end—and have specialities in high end, five-star travel; customized adventure travel and exotic destinations; cruise packages with Virtuoso Voyagers Club benefits; destinations weddings & luxury honeymoons; private villa and property rentals; and serving Russian-speaking travellers or those visiting Eastern block countries.  We have also built a reputation over the past several decades as the industry experts in arranging the best fares and benefits for your front-of-cabin and business international flights.  (Even other agencies will use us for this service.)

As a member of the elite Virtuoso travel consortium, we can also offer you advantages and perks you would rarely enjoy if you were to book travel on your own.  

Our Agents

All of us on the Vega team are travel enthusiasts.  We actively trip the globe, bringing back “best of” recommendations for each other and our clients.  Our fifteen Vega travel advisors and support staff are energetic experts who work to craft trips that exceed your expectations and deliver you the best value on the market.  Let us show you how: contact a Vega Travel Advisor today.

Our Philosophy
Knowledge of our field paired with excellence in customer service is our mantra.  We helpfully inform and suggest—but we never forget we are here to serve YOU.  We listen first.  And, we will be here for you both before your trip and throughout your travel to make sure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly, handling any hiccups so you are free to enjoy your leisure time.  Hit with a last minute flight cancellation?  Don’t worry.  Give us a call and your Vega Travel Advisor will have you covered.

Our History & Famous Founder
Vega International Travel Services, Inc. was founded as a Chicago travel agency in 1948—one of the oldest agencies in Chicago.  Purchased in 1955 by Francis Goranin—an influential figure and trailblazer of the early American and Russian travel industries—Vega International Travel grew into one of the U.S.'s premier travel agencies. Goranin was a pioneer in opening up to Americans travel to Russia and Eastern block countries.  A tireless advocate for the industry, he represented the benefits of tourism to Congress and established excellent relations with many Congressional leaders of his day as he crusaded for industry improvement.  He served on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Center for U.S./U.S.S.R. Relations and Exchanges and was co-founder with Alexander W. Harris of what was to become the American Tourism Society (ATS).  In 1991 Goranin was named Travel Agent of the Year by the ATS, who stated that “the initial success of ATS was due in large part to the commitment, tireless efforts and support of Francis Goranin”.  

Throughout his life, Goranin was also a dedicated champion of the professional travel agent.  He maintained very high standards for Vega staff and assembled a team of knowledgable travel advisors of diverse backgrounds, many of whom had lived in the part of the world for which they provided expertise. 
He was a former president and CEO of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA; from 1987-8), and in 2003 he was awarded the Society's Lifetime Achievement Award for his “years of dedication, service and vision.” 
Austrian by birth, he also received the Officer's Cross, one of Austria's most distinguished honors.

Under the leadership of Franics Goranin, Vega International Travel developed highly respected international business services, and was appointed by Intourist and other Eastern European businesses to handle U.S. travel arrangements to their lands.  In later years, the agency also began providing greater high-end leisure and cruise travel services.  Goranin lead the company from 1955 to 1995, when he handed over its reins over to the next generation.

Vega Today
Under current President and Managing Partners Marina Verlinsky and Gennady Podolsky, Vega International Travel is pushing the standard of excellence in overseas travel still further.  In the late 1990s and 2000s the agency developed a specialty in maximizing clients’ perks and amenities on international First- and Business-class air fares and using mileage and loyalty programs to the greatest advantage.  

In 2012, the company joined an elite consortium of upscale travel agencies and providers—Virtuoso—to further its ability to offer clients the best, most exclusive options in travel.

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Deluxe Dubai

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