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Visa Application to Russia

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Visa Application to Russia 

Russia Visa Application Form PDF


  1. A valid passort which should have at least two clear visa pages
  2. One (two for business visa) passport size (1 3/8" x 1 3/4", 35x45mm) photo
  3. Completed application
  4. For minors only - Copy of Birth Certificate: For minors only (under 18), a  photocopy of the birth certificate or any government issued document that shows parents name, date of birth and nationality.
  5. Parents' Passport Copies: A copy of the vital page(s) containing the picture and signature page of both parents signed passports. For Minor Applicants only.

If Russia or one of the former Soviet republics is listed in your passport as country of birth, you are required to provide documented proof that you are no longer a citizen of the Russian Federation. Here are examples of such proof: 

·  a copy of your old Soviet passport that has departure stamp dated prior to February of 1992 and indicates that you immigrated for permanent residency;

·  a copy of the visa to the country where you immigrated, in case your Soviet passport was confiscated upon departure;

·  a copy of the document issued by Russian consulate or Embassy that verifies renouncement of your Russian citizenship, in case you renounced it officially;

·  a copy of the passport issued by another country (including former Soviet republics) with departure stamp, in case you left that country and were a citizen of that country at the time of your departure.

Please note that becoming a U.S. citizen does not make one automatically lose Russian citizenship. If you remain a citizen of the Russian Federation, it is advised to use a valid Russian travel passport, and the consulate reserves the right to deny a visa to applicants with dual (Russian and US) citizenship.

 ***The Embassy and Consulates General of Russia also have the right to request, if needed, additional documents/evidence which shows the purpose and length of the applicant’s planned trip, the applicant’s financial means sufficient for a stay in Russia, and the applicant’s intent to depart the Russian Federation after the trip.***

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REMINDER - The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, effective June 2009, mandates that all United States citizens and residents leaving the country present a valid U.S. passport to U.S. customs officials upon their return trip. This includes persons traveling to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean islands. Each country has visa and passport requirements for foreign visitors, so get the specifics before boarding the plane. Some do not require that U.S. citizens be valid passport holders. Regardless of your destination, however, you will need to present one on the way home. Remember, a valid U.S. passport has not yet expired and will not expire during your trip. Click here for Passport and Visa information.

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